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Do you like games? What about games that pay the winner real money and are completely free to play?

Welcome to the Chevy Fast Games!

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If you are reading this now, and you interact with our community, you may be a part of a game and not even know it. We are going to be giving out tons of prizes for those of you who interact with our community, share your stories, and help us grow!

In a very short time, you will be able to take part in a trivia game. The goal of the game will be to submit the answers first. Capitalization, spelling, and more are very important. Our answer is the correct answer, even if otherwise proven by historical facts. Sometimes ya’ll may need to mess up on your spell’n, but well try to do our best to be 100% grammatically correct, including punctuation.

😜 The advertisements shown to the Chevy Community help to pay for the prizes!

We really are just 2 Kentucky boys building a dream! Please forgive us for any errors and accept your chances to win as an apology.

January 1 2018 formats for an exact day. John Smith for names, unless we specifically ask otherwise.

Trivia coming soon… As in… ASAP!

Below is an example of a Chevy Fast game… Check out the comments… We are launching new giveaways as often as possible! Scroll through the community here and on Facebook. You never know what you might find!

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