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PLEASE CALL CAMPBELL CHEVROLET IN BOWLING GREEN KENTUCKY TO INQUIRE ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY WINNER!Win a 2018 #Corvette Like this page our page, comment "America" and share, and make sure to like the Campbell Chevrolet page for your #free chance to win! January giveaway now till 01/31/2018 information must be received by 02/04/2018* 1 corvette raffle ticket for a chance to win a 2018 Chevrolet Corvette given away at and by the National Corvette Museum on 02/08/2018 * 2 tickets to the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Ky*1 Oil Change From Campbell Chevrolet in Bowling Green Ky#madeinamerica #buychevy #AmericanEngineering #corvette #stingray

Posted by Chevy on Friday, January 19, 2018

How can you take a free shot at winning a #2018Corvette?

Image of the Corvette interior being given away.Each time we host a giveaway there are separate, and distinct instructions provided in the original announcement. Our plan is to give away as many free Corvettes to our Chevy loving community as possible!

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To qualify for our giveaways, you may need to comment on a specific post that announces the giveaway or follow other specific instructions! We do our best to create clear instructions, but mistakes do occur. The internet is very dynamic and we use “3rd party services” such as Facebook a lot to help our community grow. An example of a mistake that has happened in the past: Facebook copied an original post announcing a giveaway for the ONE chance to win a Corvette and published it again… Once chance to win… One Corvette being given away… That doesn’t work!

Most of the time, the giveaway you will be looking for can be found pinned to the top of our Facebook page:

Sometimes we may pick random winners of awesome prizes without any notice!

There are times our giveaways and games may be a little more complicated. They may require more “action” from a fully qualified participant than the typical, “like, share, comment America” giveaways. The participants may not even know they are participating until it announced they are a winner.

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We want EVERYONE in our American made community to win! We are a growing website, a growing idea and a growing community. Please excuse any errors we may make and accept your free chances of winning a #Corvette as our apology!