America’s Chevy GM Community | Kentucky Corvette Roots

We are the Chevy community, a whole to which YOU are a part of.

What do we love about America? What do we stand by as being the maker of American greatness?

YOU!!! The People… The Community!

YOU, the Chevy Community, Made and Will Continue Making America GREAT

The American made Chevy GM community is being organized at by 2 Kentucky boys. Both born and raised in the home of the Corvette, Bowling Green, Kentucky. The boys have full time jobs now. The man Chevy Williams has 3 children to feed. The Internet Guy just drinks coffee all day. We are doing all we can, when we can.

Picture of Chevy Williams and the internet guy on a roof when in high school.

Just two Kentucky Boys growing up.
An internet nerd and a car trading professional today. Both born and raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the only place in the world a Corvette has ever been built. Best friends since grade school and after each taking their path into the world, the idea of creating a Chevy focused community online developed. Here we are now…

We hope that all Chevy lovers are soon coming to this site to trade vehicles, stories, and to find other reliable services or products. We want to host giveaways and games so we can give back to the Chevy community while they have a central place to find like minded, American proud, Chevy fans.

The team is developing the programming and currently working hard to build a community hub that brings in enough money to giveaway free Corvettes everyday. 55,000 * 365 = ALOT. But we are trying.

Free $25 gift cards and National Corvette Museum legitimate #2018Corvette Raffle tickets are up for grabs now! And games! The Chevy Fast Games have began.

Our country, America, is the greatest country in the world because of it’s people. Because of YOU. You make America great.

YOU, the Chevy community, are what we love about America.

Many of our father’s father worked with Chevrolet and General Motors before, after and during World Wars. Or booming financial times that have made this county everything it is. Other’s grandparents and parents drove GM or Chevy vehicles to literally build America.

The community called America is. Has been. And will be GREAT. There may have been, and there still continues to be threats to our greatness, but lets get one thing clear. We were always great.

Again… Just to be clear, the people of America made our country great, always have, and always will. Lots of presidents have come and gone but for over 100 years the Chevy community has helped to ensure that America remains the greatest country in the world.

America built Chevy or did Chevy build America?

Can we get some community opinions below?

Something to say?