Sarah Jane Humphress | 1987 Chevy Sprint

Loved her and still miss her. Loved Chevy’s all my life. My little 1987 chevy sprint. She still served me proudly till at late 2013 early 2014. Even though she was getting up there in age she got us threw some tuff times. Lill’ Red got my husband to college every day, 80 mike round trip commute, after being laid off from his job. Please note, we are not spring chickens round here. My husband and I both graduated several years before this little beauty was made. In fact , 1987 was the year I had my first child. Even though I don’t know much of her life before she became a part of mine in 2007, she came along in our lives at just the right time. Still hate the day I had to let her go. And I still miss her all the time…

Check out this old-school video introducing viewers to the 1987 Chevrolet Sprint.

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