Electric Vs. Combustion: The Electric Chevy and GM Evolution is Coming!

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Electric Cars Vs Combustion Motors

  • Electric drive motors and computer technology allow much finer controls of the overall vehicle systems.
  • All power can go to the motors for acceleration, while a/c systems temporarily shut off or power can go straight to a/c systems only during idle.
  • ***Regenerative braking and other technology can harness kinetic energy and recharge battery systems.
  • Instant torque… INSTANT! Control systems can fine tune for traction. It feels like you are riding on a floating magnet…
  • The battery industry and technology used today can easily handle the transition over to battery power storage electric vehicles.

***It should be noted that combustion motors actually use outside air as the majority of their fuel and yet they still lose, economically when it comes to fuel costs, if they power the drive systems. Combustions motors will work grrrreat for going thousands of miles with an electric vehicle when used strictly for electrical power generation & battery charging 🙂

General Motors Co Chief Executive Mary Barra has made a bold promise to investors that the Detroit automaker will make money selling electric cars by 2021.


Will the Computers Be Able to Handle It?

The computing systems required for high performance combustion motors are profound and must take into account the extreme variance of external air conditions/ pressure, air-fuel ratio balances, traction controls, motor temperatures, metal expansion from heat, and much much more. Literally… Controlled explosions… HOT

If the computers can survive in a combustion motor vehicle, they can certainly survive the smooth electron flows…

What About Maintenance Costs?

Electric power has the ability to be transferred to anywhere in the overall system on an as-needed basis with .a wire, versus pulleys, gears, belts, etc. The ability to transfer the power with a wire, as-needed, versus complicated mechanical systems is another huge PLUS for electric vehicles.

Replacing a wire, versus replacing drive shafts, differentials, transmissions, and so much more…

Electric Horsepower & Electric Torque VS. Controlled Explosions… Truth in video.

Spoiler Alert… Electric wins…



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