2017 Motor Trend Vehicle of the Year: The Chevy Bolt!

Around the globe entire countries are about to STOP the sell of combustion motor vehicles so it shouldn’t come as much surprise that the 2017 Motor Trend Vehicle of the Year was the Chevy Bolt!

wire image of a chevy bolt

Click here to watch an awesome video detailing the ins and outs of the new Chevy Bolt!

This thing is called a hatchback, but for those of us a few years closer to elderly it could almost be called mini-SUV. You don’t really get DOWN into it like the old-school hatchbacks.

Enough about the futuristic style that seems to bring together the best of many worlds, let’s take a look at what really makes this car amazing.

According to Motor Trend:

The Bolt EV has been engineered from the wheels up to be an electric vehicle, and the excellence runs deep.


  • 60-kW-hr battery pack
  • Eight-year/ 100,000-mile warranty
  • Rare earth metal Dysprosium magnets
  • 200 hp and 266 ft-lb of torque
  • 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds
  • Around 230 miles per charge and under 30k with rebates!

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